The Cake Bomb
(a Cake House Exclusive)

What is a Cake Bomb, you ask? Well, The Cake Bomb is a Cake House exclusive, something I created years ago when looking to design something unique for a beautiful friend’s 50th birthday. Its closest cousin is a cake pop, but The Cake Bomb is oh-so-much better.

The Cake Bomb is chocolate filled with chocolate cake and chocolate buttercream, topped with chocolate. The Cake House chocolate cake is consistently raved about! We hear “it’s the best chocolate cake I have ever had!” all the time, and our homemade chocolate buttercream is nothing short of creamy fudge that is legitimately spoon-worthy. For The Cake Bomb, we combine these two ingredients and put them in an edible chocolate cup made by one of the world’s finest chocolatiers, then we top it with milk or white chocolate, some sprinkles, sugar crystals, or chocolate drizzle, and an edible decorative topper.

So to recap, that’s chocolate, with chocolate, in chocolate, topped with chocolate, then decorated. The result is pure indulgence. 

Each Cake Bomb is a treat of about 3 bites, but beware! These little gems are addictive! When our customers come in to our shops and we’re all out of Cake Bombs, they have been known to become a little edgy! Have a wedding or party coming up? You’re going to want to order some!

Ready to order some? Give us a call at (757) 542-4700 or fill out our contact form. Not local to Smithfield? You can order them from our Etsy Shop (The Cake House Treats) and we’ll ship them right to you.